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My name is Dr. Shah Dupesh, and I am a full-time practicing male fertility doctor in chennai. My specialty is primarily in the field of male reproductive health. As a full time practicing male fertility specialist and sexology consultant, I help patients through a variety of complicated male factor infertility as well as sexological problems.

I have visited numerous hospitals as a practicing andrologist in Anna Nagar.

Men frequently suffer from severe male factor infertility. Close of approximately 50% of the time, the cause of male infertility usually lies only in the male. Sexual dysfunction among male factor infertility patients is also quite common.

Common problems with male reproductive health we see in our clinic day to day include

  1. Oligozoospermia
  2. Asthenozoospermia
  3. Teratozoospermia
  4. Azoospermia (no sperm in semen)
  5. Problems with erection
  6. Problems with Ejaculation namely Premature Ejaculation
  7. Low sex interest
  8. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  9. Male factor infertility and difficulty with fathering a child
  10. Problems with Sperm count, sperm motility, sperm shape
  11. Dhat Syndrome
  12. Pornography addiction
  13. Genetic causes of male infertility
  14. Varicoceles

Its not surprising to not that, problems in one partner can frequently compound or complicate problems in the other partner. Male factor infertility issues often wreck the relationship with the female partner

Most male infertility issues can be sorted out by a combination of medical therapy combined with aggressive lifestyle changes like diet modification and walking

Our center is equipped to provide patients with an expert workup of most male fertility and sexual health issues. Our clinic has a full-fledged blood laboratory, a semen analysis testing facility, consultation suites, pharmacy, and a minor procedure O.T.

We also offer STI testing  in Chennai for both men and women.

I have personally helped numerous patients in the Anna Nagar area of Chennai city. Our clinic also provides online consultations through video calls, phone consults and other forms of telemedicine.

We have helped over 3000 patients successfully and If you are looking for andrology doctor in chennai, pick up the phone and drop us a call. Rest assured we will personally help you through your problem hand in hand


Stay healthy and stay happy

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Dr. Shah’s Clinic for Male Infertility & Sexual Health
No 5, Hindi Prachar Saba Rd, Parthasarathi Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Ph – +91-9790783856

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