Dr Shah's Clinic : Specialties Infrastructure

Dr Shahs clinic infrastructure

Our state of the art clinic operates with three core departments and employs a range of highly trained consultants designed to help you through your family life.

Our Clinic has a full fledged

1. Minor O.T
2. Fully automated Blood Laboratory
3. Semen Analysis Testing Lab
4. STD lab and
5. Medications dispensing area

We work a large consortium of well trained infertility specialist doctors in chennai

We also employ full time andrology doctors and sexologists in chennai

Depending on your medical condition your reproductive health issues are broadly categorized into 3 primary medical sub-specialties.

They are as follows

Problem's with Male Fertility

Problems with male fertility can affect men in the reproductive age group. These problems are estimated to affect or contribute close to about 50% of the total infertility burden. Dr. Shah’s Clinic offers the most comprehensive treatment strategies for all men facing problems with their fertility and/or starting their family life.

Our andrology doctor in chennai has over half a decade of clinical experience in treating and proficiently dealing with all male infertility related problems. Services for male infertility include treating the following conditions

  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • Abnormal sperm shape problems
  • Low semen volume
  • Problems with ejaculation
  • Small testis
  • Azoospermia also referred to as no sperm in the ejaculate
  • Treating abnormal sperm shape
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Boosting male fertility
  • Klinefelter’s Syndrome
  • Testicular Pain management
  • Retrieving sperm from the testis
  • Male infertility testing

Problems with Sexual Health

Sexual dysfunction is major cause of broken relationships and marriages. Problems in one partner can frequently compound and/or cause problems in the other partner. 

The American Society of Reproductive medicine estimates that approximately 45% of men and over 37% of women are actually suffering from some form of sexual dysfunction, 

Dr Shah’s Clinic for Male Infertility & Sexual health specializes in the management and treatment of a wide range of sexual problems faced by both men & women. 

Common conditions we routinely treat in our clinic are outlined below

Sexology problems for the male

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Low sex interest
  • Masturbation Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Small Penis Size
  • STD Testing for Men
  • Genital Warts

Sexology problems for the female

  • Low sex interest
  • Pain during sex
  • Vaginismus
  • Masturbation Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • STD testing for Women

Female Fertility Treatments

We also help and guide female patients looking for active fertility treatments through the complete landscape of assisted reproduction. 

Some common issues we help patients routinely in our clinic are as follows

Female Infertility Problems

  • Irregular cycles
  • How to get pregnant naturally
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian failure
  • Uterine fibroid treatment 
  • Other Uterine Anomalies
  • Female infertility investigation
  • IUI
  • IVF
  • ICSI

If you looking for a andrologist or sexologist in chennai, get in touch with us below!

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