Vanakkam, Namaste and Welcome to Dr Shah’s Clinic!. This is Dr Shah Dupesh, consultant andrologist in chennai, and in this quick read we are going to discuss very briefly on surrogacy.

What is Surrogacy?

In a surrogacy based fertility treatment, the couple suffering from some severe cause of fertility typically uses the womb of another mother to bear the child. This individual who offers her womb/uterus for the purpose of bearing another child who is biologically unconnected with her is called a ‘surrogate mother’.


When is Surrogacy indicated?

Surrogacy is a form of third party reproduction. The sperm is given by the father, the egg typically by a donor or the biological mother and the child is carried and delivered by another individual unrelated to the couples. There are 3 main clinical indications for surrogacy

A. Premature Ovarian failure
B. Uterus removal due to severe dysfunctional uterine bleed
C. Malignant tumors that destroy the uterus, ovary or both

In some less common cases, single mothers who do not want to go through the process of child bearing, due to career commitments also opt-in for the surrogacy process. In these cases, the sperm is obtained from an anonymous sperm donor, egg from the single mother and the child is carried by another individual not related to both people.

Other indications for surrogacy includes 2 father families. In these cases, were both fathers desire for a child, one father donates the sperm, the egg comes from a donor and child is again carried by a women unrelated to both individuals.

On an additional note, it is important to understand that 2 father families are still not popular in our country as compared to the West. Moreover, most clinics will not enthusiastically support performing surrogacy for gay men.

How much does a surrogacy cost?

The Lok Sabha recently passed a bill that “BANS COMMERCIAL SURROGACY” in our country. It is called the Surrogacy Regulation Bill, 2019.

A large number of women were severely exploited by certain unscrupulous shady fertility clinics. Moreover, a large number of agents, brokers and middleman were literally milking money from patients by colluding with these clinics. Foreign patients used to fly down to India to get cheap surrogates.

Close to over 3000 unlicensed clinics were operating based on Surrogacy treatments. The government has put an excellent bill in place to regulate these operations. Although, the enforcement of the rules will take its own time and dedicated effort.

As per the bill, only Indian couples married for more than 5 years and suffering from fertility issues can go for a surrogacy treatment.

Moreover the surrogate should be close relative and financial transactions between them is not allowed. Abandoning the child is also strictly not allowed.

There are also age restrictions to be followed.

So, that about concludes this short article on surrogate motherhood. If you are looking for an infertility specialist in chennai do get in touch with us!

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  2. A limited market: the recruitment of gay men as surrogacy clients by the infertility industry in the USA

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