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Vanakkam and Welcome to Dr. Shah’s Clinic. My name is Dr. Shah Dupesh, I am Consultant Andrologist in Chennai In this awesome round-up post, I am going to tell you everything under the sun about taking a semen analysis test in Chennai. First things first…

Why do a sperm test?

The sperm test or the semen analysis test is still the ‘Gold standard test for the assessment of male fertility’. With male factor infertility on the rise, a large proportion of men are suffering severely from long-standing male reproductive health issues. A sperm test is usually the first investigation that will be ordered to assess possible problems with sperm production. Not just that, the semen analysis test is usually a guide to further treatment of male infertility In a spermiogram or sperm test, 4 important variables are assessed. They are A. Semen Volume B. Sperm Concentration C. Sperm Motility & D. Sperm Morphology  Each parameter gives us important information about the individual’s male overall reproductive health. Let’s discuss each of these parameters individually and let us also look at the normal values.

How is a semen analysis done?

So here is the thing, typically during a sperm test, you will asked to collect a sample by masturbation. The actual sample collection is done in a private office space in your doctor’s office. You must follow a few conditions before the testing. They are as follows
  1. Sexual abstinence for 2 to 7 days.
  2. The sample should be collected using dry hands
  3. Be careful not to spill the sample during the collection process
  4. Post sample collection, immediately you should close the lid of the container and keep it close to the body. This will prevent temperature fluctuations.
Some men may face difficulties during their sample collection, in these situations, the home collection procedure is adviced.  A specialized non-toxic condom can be given to patients who require a home collection. In some instances, where patients cannot collect a sample in the doctor’s office, a home collection of semen can be recommended provided the patient is able to bring the sample to the office within 1 hour of collection.

How long does a semen analysis usually take?

A typical sperm analysis test is complete in about 1 hour. This is to allow for the liquefaction of semen which typically takes about 30 minutes. Semen on ejaculation forms a jelly-like clot which then progressively liquefies over time. The interesting thing is that, as the semen liquefies, sperm gain progressive motility over time. In some instances, the sample will not liquify. In these instances, the sample must be syringed and forcibly liquified before an analysis of sperm count or motility is done.

What is the normal semen volume for a man?

If you doing a semen analysis test in Chennai, a definite parameter of interest you should look at is the semen volume. The semen volume is of an important biological significance. The normal semen volume ranges from 1.0 to 1.5 ml. Very low semen volumes are often associated with
  1. A spilled sample
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Ejaculatory Dysfunction or
  4. Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
Repeating the sample is recommended for all patients who report a low semen volume. semen volume | sperm test | semen analysis | semen analysis test in chennai

What is the normal sperm count of a man?

Now, here is the thing… The normal sperm count of a man trying to father a child is about 15 million/ml. What this actually means is that for men who are trying to father a child, the probability of a pregnancy in the 1st year of marriage is higher. That’s about it!. It’s not a guarantee. Many times in our clinical practice, we have seen men with much lower sperm counts achieve a pregnancy without any major treatment as such. Patients with a low sperm count <15 million/ml are termed as Oligozoospermic (low sperm count) and need further medical evaluation. Moreover, patients with a sperm count < 5 million/ml have severe oligozoospermia and require a thorough medical evaluation. sperm test | semen analysis | semen analysis test in chennai

What is the normal sperm motility of a man?

If you are undergoing a semen analysis test in Chennai, a very important parameter to look out for is the normal sperm motility. Sperm motility is divided into broad categories as per the recent WHO 2010 guideline values. They are as follows
  1. Progressive sperm motility
  2. Non-Progressive sperm motility
  3. Immotile Sperm
1. Progressive Sperm Motility These spermatozoa move from field to field and these are the sperms that actually contribute to a pregnancy. However, the most important point to bear in mind is that, you need at least 32% of your spermatozoa to move for the probability of pregnancy to happen in the 1st year of marriage. The image below depicts a progressively motile spermatozoa. A progressively motile spermatozoa will move from one field to another field. Progressively motile sperm | semen analysis | semen analysis test in chennai 2. Non-Progressive Sperm Motility Non-progressive sperm motility refers to the fraction of spermatozoa that move only around one point. To be honest with you, we really do not know much about as to why some sperms keep moving in the same place. What we do know though is that, these spermatozoa cannot contribute to a pregnancy. non progressive sperm motility | semen analysis | semen analysis test in chennai Immotile Sperm – Now coming to the last part of the motility discussion, the lesser the percentage of immotile spermatozoa the BETTER!. Phew, Men with low sperm motility values, especially progressive sperm motility values less than 32% are said to asthenozoospermic and these patients need further medical evaluation. Now let’s discuss on the last section of the semen analysis

What is the normal sperm morphology?

The normal sperm morphology values for a patient should range from 3% to 4%. This means the overall sperm cell appears perfect in terms of its head size, midpiece or tail section. sperm morphology | semen analysis | semen analysis test in chennai That’s about it. Lesser values are associated with lesser chances of pregnancy. Only God knows about the true morphology of the single sperm that binds to the egg. Is there a perfect sperm? We do not know! I hope you enjoyed reading this short post about semen analysis testing. If you are looking for a semen analysis test in Chennai, you have landed on the right page. Schedule your test at your comfort below and we will definitely help you hand in hand through your fertility goals!. Shoot me an email here if you have more questions!. I will be very happy to help you through! Get in touch with us below!

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