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Sexual Health Clinic: Why visiting an expert is the best thing to do for your sexual health?

The importance of the Mind and Body in Sexual Health. The importance of good Sexual health can be stressed enough. Regular Fulfilling Sexual intercourse satisfies the mind, body, and soul holistically in ways we still cannot scientifically explain.

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This is Dr. Shah, Consultant Andrologist, and Sexologist, and in this short article I want to share with you some insights into the importance of maintaining a good sexual health

Here is the thing….

Sex involves two major elements to work in synchrony. First and most important is the MIND, and secondly the body. One cannot operate independently of the other….

…for truly enjoying your sexual life, your mind and body should work as one UNIT.  That’ s exactly when You will feel something special in your sex life. That special emotional BOND that binds us all….

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Sadly though…

Most couples give up or lose their cool or become frustrated very early in the beginning of their sexual lives. This stems from mismatched demands.

Let me elaborate here…

Our thoughts on sex, sexuality and/or sexual expectations depend on the environment we where nurtured. This is exactly why no two people can ever have the same set of sexual fantasies or expectations. Every individual will have his or her own sets of thoughts/perceptions on Sex and Sexuality.

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The problem happens when partners do not ultimately communicate or PAY ATTENTION to the other partner’s sexual needs.

When this happens, sadly sexual expectations are not met and ultimately sexual dysfunction results.

When these instances repeat over a period of time, ultimately a vicious circle of miscommunication, anger, regret, sexual frustration, failure and a host of other negative emotions set in the relationship.

So it is very important never to presume that all men and all women are created equal….

The best advice I can give you today is PAY ATTENTION!, pay attention to your partner, open out on your sexual expectations and fantasies. Do also keep a close watch on your partner’s body movements during sex.

If you are a keen observer, you will definitely find out on what exactly turns your partner on…..eventually.

And remember one thing, there is no manual for correct SEX. As human beings, there is nothing more unique than each individual’s sexual predilections.

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When all else fails, sometimes….

…it is wise to visit a Sexual health clinic for a consultation.

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