Male infertility treatment home remedies

Hello, my name is Dr Shah Dupesh & I have been a practicing andrologist in chennai for the better part of half a decade. Male infertility treatment is quite technical. However, here are few male infertility treatment home remedies that you can put into action even before you contemplate visiting your doctor.

So, with male infertility contributing to over 50% of the overall infertility burden, sometimes following simple male infertility treatment home remedies that can be best thing you can do to for yourself. Given below are 10 quick male infertility treatment home remedies that you can implement right now. Moreover, these male infertility treatment home remedies are completely natural & can boost both low sperm count and sperm motility

10 quick Male infertility treatment home remedies to follow today

Tip 1 – Drink lots of water

male infertility treatment home remedies

Drink lots of water. Ensuring proper hydration ensures that your body is able to execute all the necessary physiological functions properly. Never let yourself get dehydrated. Try to drink at least 6-7 litres of water everyday

Tip 2 – Gobble up on Orange + Lemon Juice

male infertility treatment home remedies

Remember to gobble up on at least 1-2 glasses of lemon and/or orange juice. Both of this contains Vitamin C along with numerous dissolved anti-oxidants that can boost sperm quality. Furthermore, you do not have to waste 10,000’s of rupees on useless antioxidant medications.

Tip 3 – Hit 10,000 steps per day

male infertility treatment home remedies

You need to target at least 10,000 steps per day. Use a pedometer application to keep track of your walking. Remember to walk briskly in intermittent bursts. It will help tremendously. 10,000 steps roughly equates to 6-7 km/day. Moreover, remember that it will take at least 8 weeks for you to see improvements in your sperm quality after you start walking

Tip 4 – Definitely get 6 to 7 hours of sleep

male infertility treatment home remedies

The most important male infertility treatment home remedy is to get 6-7 hours of restful sleep (the one were we all snore…remember?). Good sleep ensures that your male sex hormones are secreted in regular rhythm, and this helps with sperm production

Tip 5 – I am free of Diary

I guess you understood tip 5!. Go free of Diary. That means you want to avoid milk, and milk related products at ALL COSTS. Milk and milk related products are probably a high source of estrogen that we tend to consume everyday. Estrogen leads to numerous problems with male reproductive health. While milk is definitely good for growing children, us adults do not need it. Skip the milk, whenever and wherever you can,

Tip 6 – Keep you cell phones away

male infertility treatment home remedies

The most important thing you want to do right now, is keeping away your cell phones (I mean really far away if you are not using them). Most of us tend to keep our phones in our pant pocket, this results in EMR (electromagnetic radiation ) being delivered royally to the testis. EMR waves definitely kill your sperm (slow poison).

Tip 7 – Avoid the worlds greatest poison – SUGAR

male infertility treatment home remedies

We are all stuck taking in sugars right? From cokes to breads to cakes to desserts. We are all stuck!. But sugar is the ONE thing you want to avoid at all costs. More sugar puts your whole body in a state of oxidative stress, and this and this alone can destroy your sperm quality. Do you want to father a child naturally?. Remember to skip the sugars. As a bonus, you also save yourself from Diabetes Mellitus.

Tip 8 – Take ABC Juice

ABC juice ? Well ABC juice is nothing but a combination of apple + carrot + beetroot. Take 1 glass per day. Since these are colored vegetables, they contain some plant compounds called flavonoids. Flavonoids have phenomenal anti-oxidant properties and can tremendously boost overall sperm quality. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Tip 9 – Mucuna Pruriens

Try taking mucuna pruriens extract. But not without a proper prescription from a specialist. You need to take the right dose to see some improvement in the sperm quality and/or sperm parameters. Mucuna extracts are wholly natural and this molecule in recent times has been extensively researched in the treatment of male infertility.

Tip 10 – Avoid alcohol and quit smoking

You know it better than me. Both alcohol and smoking are plain bad. Alcohol is a tissue preservative, while smoking directly destroys the spermatozoa’s DNA. You need to stop both if you are doing it.


I had promised you 10 male infertility treatment home remedies. Here is another one, do take tablet folic acid 10 mg thrice a day for a period of 75 days. It will definitely help in improving overall sperm DNA integrity. We have successfully used this molecule in treating numerous male infertility patients and have found surprisingly impressive results in terms of improved sperm quality.

I hope you enjoyed reading this sort article on male infertility home remedies. Definitely do try them out at home and feel free to reach out to me below

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