Premature Ejaculation

What is PE?

Premature Ejaculation definition

Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in men.

In a large scale study done by the NHSLS (National Health and Social Life Survey), the reported incidence of PE among 1410 men was estimated at an all time high 29%

What’s even more scary is that Premature Ejaculation seems affect 25 to 40% of all men around the globe and has become the top cause of a dis-satisfactory sexual life overtaking even erectile dysfunction.

The definition of Premature ejaculation has changed multiple times over the years. It is still saddening to note that we have still not come to conclusive and scientific definition for premature ejaculation.

But for all practical reasons, the most accepted definition of PE is according to the ICD-10 or DSM 4 guidelines which defines PE as…

“a condition of short ejaculatory latency that causes personal distress and is beyond the patient’s ability to control”

To put it in a more simplified definition …..

A man is said to suffer from PE if…

“He ejaculates sooner than he desired either before vaginal penetration or shortly after vaginal penetration causing distress to him or her or both partners”

The initial and older diagnosis of PE was based on the time before ejaculation (<1 minute), i.e. a man was said to have PE if he ejaculated within a minute of sexual activity…..however this concept is now questionable as many men who are able to control ejaculation for 2 minutes or three minutes also come to the clinic self reporting themselves with PE.


What’s going to drive you crazy is the fact below..

In one interesting very large scale study involving over 1000 men, it was found that when the time to ejaculation was measured by the partner wearing a stop watch…

Men without PE lasted for at least 7 minutes after penetrating their partners

On the other hand

Men with PE could last only about 1.7 minutes after penetrating their partners

Thus one thing is very clear..

PE is a real problem or a pandemic affecting men worldwide.

What are the causes of PE?

Causes of PE can be broadly divided into two subcategories

Psychological  and  Organic

Psychological causes of PE include stress, anxiety, fear of being discovered during the sexual activity and also sometimes simply a lack of self confidence or low self esteem.

Organic causes of PE include –

  1. The use of certain medications
  2. Obesity
  3. Penis hypersensitivity
  4. Recreational drug use
  5. Other neurological problems
  6. Erection problems goes hand in hand with PE.
Premature Ejaculation-2

Questionnaire for Self Diagnosis


How to treat PE?

Most of the time PE should be evaluated and treated by an expert. Please remember that PE is not a disease, some men always ejaculate within 2 minutes but it does not affect their relationship. While on the other hand some men ejaculate after a much longer time but yet they complaint that they could not last long enough.

PE is thus a self reported diagnosis that requires careful assessment and treatment. If you feel you are not able to last long enough in bed you should try the following..

5 tips to overcome PE

  1. Start walking at least 30 minutes a day for 5 times a week
  2. Do pelvic strengthening exercises at least two sets in a day
  3. Try a woman on top position for sexual intercourse
  4. Have sex a bit slowly and reduce the speed of thrusting
  5. Ensure you have adequate privacy and also ensure that your mind is calm during intercourse. Try medication for 20 minutes before intercourse



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