Premarital Fertility Testing in Chennai

A-Z About Premarital Fertility Testing in Chennai

Vanakkam, Namaste and Welcome to Dr. Shah’s Clinic for Male Infertility & Sexual health. My name is Dr. Shah Dupesh and I am a consultant andrologist in chennai. In this short 5 minute article, I am going to tell you everything under the sun about undergoing a premarital fertility testing in chennai. So first things first,

What is a premarital check-up?

So, you are planning to tie to the knot?. That’s awesome!. Your big day is looming near and you must be really excited about probably the MOST important thing that could happen to you. But, what about your health?. We now know that approximately 1 in 10 or 1 in 8 married couples frequently face some degree of difficulty with their reproductive health. So, what can you exactly do from your end, to prevent any and all potential future problems with your fertility?. The answer is SIMPLE Get a basic premarital fertility check-up!, a simple premarital check-up will usually include the following medical tests for both partners. These are as follows
  1. Blood Sugars
  2. Blood Cholesterol
  3. Iron also called Hb
  4. ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)
  5. Hepatitis B, C, Syphilis & HIV

Is a premarital physical exam required?

If you are a man and are planning to tie the knot, a physical exam can help diagnose a few things about your fertility. The size of your testis, for example, can tremendously help in finding or diagnosing possible hidden causes of male infertility. Moreover, an imaging scan of the testis and its associated structures can also give exceedingly valuable information about your reproductive organs and other possible choices you can make in choosing a male infertility treatment option. If your testis is too small or soft, it indicates that there is some problem with your sperm production. For women, though, a simple clinical history with basic blood testing and a basic exam of the patient’s external genitals is all that is required. In-depth imaging or testing of tubal patency is definitely not warranted until about a year after marriage. Sometimes though, your doctor may recommend a basic scan to see your eggs and visualize your uterus on the second day of your period or cycle.

What tests are done to check fertility?

So, here is some interesting information… For men, assessment of the male sex hormones can give some clues about the male’s sexual health and fertility potential. In my private practice, some male hormones that we test for our patients include
  1. Serum FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone)
  2. Serum LH (Luteinizing Hormone)
  3. Total Testosterone
  4. Free Testosterone &
  5. Prolactin
Checking these hormones and then also doing a physical exam, ultimately gives clues about a man’s reproductive health. A semen analysis test, though useful, is a gold standard test for male fertility. However, we cannot recommend routine testing for all patients, unless a year has passed post marriage. This is because changes in the various semen parameters can be extremely non-specific and can cause patients unnecessary stress/worry. But in the instance, the patient is extremely worried about his fertility, a semen test can be recommended. Furthermore, in the event, we detect some problems in the male sex hormones, a semen analysis may be recommended. This is something we will individualize depending on your health. Now, For women, premarital fertility tests include…
  1. Taking a basic clinical history about the menstrual cycles
  2. Checking the blood sugars and thyroid hormones
  3. Day 2 Scan to count the number of eggs and to also see the uterus, tubes et cetera.
Once again, further testing will purely depend on the individual. Testing were possible is still best kept to a minimum!.

When is the right time to do a premarital checkup?

For all practical purposes, it is best to do a premarital check-up at least about 3 to 6 months before the date of your marriage. This will allow us to technically diagnose and sort out any potential problem you may have with your fertility or sexual health. If you are looking for a premarital fertility testing in Chennai, I sincerely hope you found this article useful. Do watch this space for more and kindly share this article with all your friends and loved ones!. Cheers and Warm wishes! References:-
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