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Men's health issues A-Z

This term means their is no sperm seen in the semen under microscopic examination. Men with Azoospermia cannot father children naturally and require aggressive medical or surgical management

Men diagnosed with this condition do not have adequate motile sperms in their semen and face difficulty with fathering children naturally

Sperm antibodies are small protein structures that bind to the sperm head or mid piece or tail and may impair normal fertility. This is treatable

Balanitis is usually an inflammation or problem that occurs on the foreskin that covers the penis. Most common cause is sexually transmitted diseases and diabetes mellitus.

Also called undescended testis. Can be surgically corrected and should be done before 1 year of age. Here the testis is not in its normal place hence sperm production is compromised. Men suffer from infertility later on if surgical correction is not done by one year of age

The vas is the structure that carries the sperm to the urethra. If this structure is absent, men will definitely suffer from infertility and their semen report will show Azoospermia (which means no sperm in the ejaculate)

A severe form of male infertility were their is only one or two sperms in the complete semen

Penis cancer is a life threatening condition that can rapidly spread to other body parts if early treatments are not given. Normally diagnosed by direct physical examination of the penile lesion

Semen normally liquefies about 30 minutes after release. Sperms become motile on liquefaction. If this does not occur, it is called delayed liquefaction and it can impair fertility

An infection of the epidydimis, the curved structure present behind the testis, were sperm storage happens. Men complaint of severe pain in the testis. Treatable with antibiotics.

Obstruction of the ejaculatory duct can also lead to male infertility and the semen picture shows Azoospermia. Cause of duct obstruction is usually infection and prostate surgeries.

Also commonly known as a tight foreskin. It normally interferes with satisfactory sexual intercourse and an be easily corrected

Men with these spectrum of disorders have no sperm in the ejaculate and are also deficient in their male reproductive hormones. These men are usually obese and have sparse hair and suffer from infertility. Hormonal injections can correct most of the problems associated with this condition

40% of the time, the cause of male infertility is not known. Treatment options are numerous and are all currently empirical in nature

A chromosomal genetic disorder, were men cannot father children naturally because their testis fails. They also have some degree of learning difficulties and present with obesity, sparse hair distribution and no sperm in the ejaculate. These men have to go for IVF based treatment strategies.

Means an abnormally small penis. This condition affects only about 0.6% of the males and is due to deficient androgen production

When a man’s sperm count is less than 15 million/ml he is said to have oligozoospermia. Numerous medical conditions can lead to it. Expert evaluation and treatment can help improve the sperm count and thus fertility.

It is an inflammation of the testis caused commonly by infectious agents. Commonly seen along with epidydimitis. Easily treatable

A man has this condition if he produces numerous sperms with abnormal shape, more importantly if he does not produce at least 3% of sperms with normal forms

Affects at least 40% of men with fertility issues, the exact mechanism of how it impairs fertility is not known. Treatable surgically.

A sexual problem were a despite adequate stimulation the person is unable to feel the pleasure peak (orgasm). This problem affects women more than men

Here patients feel a sense of tiredness, fatigue and depression after sex or masturbation. Loss of semen by masturbation is associated with weakness/tiredness and guilt.

Pain during sexual intercourse is described as dyspareunia. Caused by psychological conditions and sometimes infections/cancers of the female genital tract. In men dyspareunia can occur due to anatomical deformities of the penis

When a man is unable to ejaculate within a ‘normal time frame’ during sex even after significant sexual stimulation he has delayed ejaculation

When a man is unable to sustain his erection for intercourse he has ED. Common causes of ED include diabetes, high cholesterol and use of medications . ED can also be caused by numerous psychological factors. ED is easily treatable.

This condition refers to the inherent inability of the female to achieve and maintain sexual arousal/desire till the sexual activity is complete. It leads to severe lack of sexual satisfaction.

In this disorder their is a complete lack of interest in sex and sexual activity despite multiple stimulation from the partner. Aggressive psychosexual therapy and a thorough clinical evaluation may help bring a cure

While masturbation is not exactly physiological, some men and women get addicted to masturbation and lose interest in normal sexual intercourse. Treatment is by psycho-sexual therapy and counseling

If ejaculation happens persistently within a minute of vaginal penetration and if the man has absolutely no control over his ejaculation he is said to have premature ejaculation. This condition can be easily treated with medications and psycho-sexual therapies

Sex addiction can affect both men and women and happens when a person persistently seeks out sex and is unable to control the urge/thoughts/fantasies despite all the negative consequences.

In this condition affecting women, their is severe pain during attempted penis penetration of the vagina due to involuntary contraction of the muscles around the vagina. 

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