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Welcome to Dr. Shahs Clinic for Male Infertility and Sexual Health, Chennai’s only full-stack medical center dedicated to men’s reproductive health. This is Dr. Shah Dupesh, consultant clinical male sexual problems doctor in Chennai.

I also specialize in the sub-specialty of Andrology which helps me deal with complicated issues around male fertility as well. I was a full-time practicing sexologist in Velachery and used to visit numerous hospitals in the Velachery area of Chennai.

Sexual health issues are not trivial issues.  They can wreak havoc on the personal lives of both men and women equally. Getting the right treatment at the right time is key to preventing the disruption of a stable relationship.

Our clinic specializes in treating a host of clinical conditions related to male reproductive health. These include conditions like

  1. Erectile Disorders
  2. Difficulty in sustaining an erection
  3. Premature Ejaculation
  4. Ejaculatory dysfunction
  5. Problems with Penetration leading to a sexless marriage
  6. Low sex interest
  7. Low sperm count issues
  8. Low sperm motility problems
  9. Abnormal sperm morphology
  10. Dhat Syndrome
  11. Masturbatory addiction
  12. Varicocele
  13. Klinefelter’s Syndrome
  14. Y-Chromosome Microdeletions

Our Sexual health clinic also offers a range of service for women suffering from problems with sexual function. Common problems of female sexual dysfunction we routinely treat in our clinic include

  1. Problems with sexual desire
  2. Pain sexual intercourse
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases

Data from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine clearly suggests that sexual dysfunction can technically affect over 40% of men and close to over 37% of women. These are serious problems that must not be ignored as they can severely affect the ability of individuals to attain and enjoy a satisfactory sexual life

Our center also offers advanced Psychosexual counseling services for both men and women. As a full time practicing Andrologist in Chennai, we have treated over 3000 couples very successfully for a range of fertility and sexology problems

Our clinic is fully equipped with a Minor Procedure O.T, a fully automated Blood Laboratory, STD’s and Infectious disease testing services and lastly a state-of-the-art semen analysis testing lab

I have personally helped numerous patients in the Velachery area, if you are unable to come to the clinic in person, I will be more than happy to personally help you through video consultation, text or audio modalities.

If you are looking for a sexologist in Velachery, you have come to the right place!


Stay healthy and stay happy. Feel free to get in touch with us below!


Dr. Shah’s Clinic for Male Infertility & Sexual Health
No 21, Sree Kalki Apartments, Ground Floor, Bazullah Road, T-Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
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