How frequently should you have Sex to get pregnant?

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In this short post I am going to answer ‘a fairly simple yet common question’. How frequently should you have sex to get pregnant? or better yet, if you are trying for a child ‘what is the frequency of sexual intercourse required to achieve a pregnancy?’

The answer to this question is fairly straightforward. Its about 3 times per week. In an original study done by Macleod et al, he and his team of researchers analyzed the chances of pregnancy or natural conceptions with respect to sexual intercourse frequency. The study presents interesting findings. You can watch the video below, it wont take more than 1 minute of your time!

The chances of pregnancy was highest during first 6 to 8 months post marriages. So say you are married and you have sex 3 times per week, between the 6th to 8 month, their is a SOLID 65 to 80 percent chance of getting your partner pregnant.

However, remember, that this number does not apply to couples where the female partner has irregular cycles or other associated health conditions. Moreover, when the frequency of intercourse reduces to about less than 3 times/week to about say 2 times/week, the likelihood of spontaneous pregnancies also reduces.

For frequencies in the range of 1/week, the chances of pregnancy in the 1st year of marriage is very very low. From my clinical experience, and also based on existing data, I strongly recommend you try intercourse for a minimum of 2 – 3 times/week. Furthermore, 3 times/week is actually your best bet!.

So, is their any real or actual benefit of having intercourse more than 3 times/week? What if you have sex on a daily basis? Does it improve the chances of pregnancy? The answer is NO. Apart from the FUN aspect, it really does not improve the chances of conception.

How frequently should you have Sex to get pregnant

To further elaborate, most couples tend to overindulge in sex post marriage, this sometimes can turn counterproductive, so I would personally never recommend couples to go MAD over each other (over sex of course).

Jokes apart, be gentle and kind to one another, intimacy and sex is very important in any marriage. Enjoy and frequent intercourse as and when necessary. Lastly to summarize if the goal is only a child, then targeting intercourse to 3 per week is ideal. Nothing more and nothing less.

Do not ever stress over targeting intercourse specifically to ovulation days (usually a 6 day window). This becomes unhealthy in the long run and its best to avoid it at all cost.

I hope you liked reading this short blog post on ‘how frequently should you have sex to get pregnant’. Please share this article to all your friends and loved ones. This is Dr Shah consultant male infertility specialist in chennai, and I will see you in this space with another interesting article.

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