Masturbation after Marriage: Should you do it?

Masturbation after marriage: Should you masturbate? or NOT?

Masturbation after marriage is fairly common in men. Watch the video below for an in depth understanding of masturbating post marriage.

Hey guys, in this blog post lets quickly try to understand the various headaches on sticking on to masturbation post marriage.

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Why do men continue to masturbate post marriage?

Firstly, masturbation is fairly common sexual outlet behavior. Most men begin masturbating early in their teens and continue doing it till late adulthood.

Moreover, since the behavior is highly rewarding, men who masturbate have to deal with 2 aspects of the behavior.

Number 1: Masturbation is highly addicting & rewarding.
Number 2: It’s also self-reinforcing.

masturbation after marriage
masturbation after marriage

To further simplify things,

You must understand that we tend to get hooked onto porn at a young age. Slowly most of us young boys start exploring our own genitals.

Consequently, we gently start stroking or rubbing the penis and taking out semen. Eventually we engage in masturbation and the habit re-enforces over time.

Some of us then learn to masturbate by rubbing the penis on the bed or pillow at a young age. This is called Prone masturbation.

In parallel, other forms of masturbation like rubbing the penis over balloons (called as balloon masturbation) may also develop.

Some of us also practice rubbing the organ between the thighs or on other surfaces.

Eventually we tend to engage in different forms of masturbation at a tender age, without even understanding what exactly we are doing!

Masturbation after marriage: A Behavior & Habit

Little by little, our little teenage brain gets conditioned to masturbation. The newly formed habit of masturbation eventually sticks on till late adulthood.

We enjoy and associate reward with masturbation. Moreover, the pressure that the hand gives seems more rewarding than the loose/expanding vagina of a women.

Most men at this stage will use masturbation to even go to sleep and also as stress relief tool! (the miracle of masturbating over a long time regularly)

masturbation after marriage
masturbation after marriage

Consequently, even after marriage, we spend more intimate time with our hands. Things eventually degenerate in the relationship.

Since men who are on the masturbation spree will enjoy being intimate with their hand versus their partners (Who needs a vagina? 🙂 right?)

masturbation after marriage
masturbation after marriage

Masturbation & the brain

The human brain can get easily conditioned to the pleasure & pressure given by the hand. Eventually, the man who masturbates, will not & cannot find his stable partner attractive. No matter how beautiful she may be…

Furthermore, most of us men would have been at some point in life exposed to Western-European erotica/porn.

The human brain while watching porn gets fooled into believing that ‘you are actually being selected by the women you seen naked on screen’.

It’s a bad joke.

The worst of them all. As the human brain (thereby the individual) keeps gets getting the feeling of being sexually validated & rewarded by masturbation, the habit keeps building.

Furthermore, the individual will notice a sharp decrease in interest towards his wife/stable partner.

There are 2 reasons for that.

Number 1: Your stable partners as compared to what you see on screen won’t have the same waist hip ratio or sleek bodies/physical traits.

Number 2: The porn fantasy & rich variety is something your partner can never give. They just cant compete with the porn stars. Your sexual fantasies will be un-realistic. But nothing can be done, since you have fed your brain a large shit load of visual stimulus.

How on earth are you going to undo it? especially masturbation after marriage?

Masturbation after marriage resembles eating a buffet meal everyday vs a healthy stable meal.

Now, imagine yourself eating buffet meals every day. Variety upon variety of exotic food. Its rich tastes and colors. Its beauty…

Porn is just that!

Sexual intercourse is a form of consumption behavior. It’s basically body consumption behavior quite similar to food.

Now, if I eat buffet meals every other day (i.e I fundamentally pick which porn to jack off to everyday)…

Why on earth should I settle for the same booooring women (I dont have a choice at all!)

Why would I be motivated to pursue intimacy with her? When I can get all the sexual variety on my screen.

You cannot tell that the brain is wrong in this matter. Its just the way we are programmed.

Masturbation in the long run

However, in the long run, a little common sense must prevail.

Eating large buffet meals everyday will ruin your health. You will end up fat with diabetes and a host of multi-organ syndromes.

Having a stable partner is akin to eating a simple meal will not cause harm one bit at all.

So what do you want in the end??

Is it a stable loving long term relationship? Build with intimacy over a 20/30 year time frame?

Or is it a hoard of women who have only their bodies to show and sell?

Think over it hard for a minute. You will get the point.

This is Dr Shah, consultant sexologist in chennai. I hope you enjoyed this blog post on masturbation after marriage. Watch this space for more interesting reads.

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