How many times masturbation can be done in day? Male Masturbation limit explained

Hey guys, in this quick blog post we are going to quickly go over ‘how many times masturbation can be done in day?’.

We shall quickly explore the male masturbation limit. My name is Dr Shah, and I specialize in male infertility and sexual health. You can also watch the video below. It summarizes everything in 4 minutes!.

How many times  masturbation can be done in day?? – The video has the answer

First and foremost, masturbation is an age old behavior. If you look at it’s origins, well, masturbation as a behavior dates back to the Egyptian era.

The God Atum, also known as the supreme god in Egyptian religious ideology is depicted to have masturbated while feeling aroused or ‘horny’ (Do gods actually feel horny?). Anyways jokes apart, the legend goes like this, Atum felt horny and masturbated. Upon the spillage of his semen 2 gods were born.

Moreover, it was even a customary practice in Egypt for the pharaoh and his tribe-men to masturbate into the river to pay his respect and homage to God Atum.

But, historically speaking, religions like Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Islam (relatively speaking) has largely condemned the practice of masturbation and/or masturbatory behavior. The habit of masturbation has been frequently looked down upon as something very very disgusting.

Furthermore, lets be honest, we are not celebrating ‘masturbatory behavior’ as some some sort of historical achievement. This is in-spite of the fact that many eminent researchers, scientists, developmental psychologists have largely stated that masturbation is a part of normal adolescent sexual development.

The truth however is not as simple as it always may seem. While masturbation is and can be a part of adult normal sexual development, you have to LET GO of the habit beyond a particular time frame.

Persistent teen sex fantasies combined with porn watching and masturbation is SURE SHOT DISASTER RECIPE.

Furthermore, now their are recent studies with supportive evidence pointing out that masturbation as a habit can lead to masturbation addiction, porn addiction and other aberrant practices. Furthermore, the overall sexual satisfaction scores derived from masturbation is very very less compared to penetrative sexual intercourse with a partner.

So, how many times masturbation can be done in day?

Well, Sorry to disappoint you folks. I personally cannot recommend masturbation at all. The only exception to the rule is that, suppose you are all alone (by choice) masturbation very occasionally to release sexual tension may be done. Once again, I believe this is a better sexual outlet versus having casual sex with unknown individuals. Since their is a very real risk of sexually transmitted disease.

Masturbation done very occasionally may help reduce the risk of STD infection and other high risk sexual behavior. Furthermore, with practice you can slowly change and quit the masturbatory habit by keeping your mind busy with other activities. It definitely helps in the long run.

It’s a very stupid thing to state that ‘its okay to masturbate 5 times per week or even 1 or 2 times per day’. I have very heard many eminent doctors speak this (very sad indeed).

Try to avoid masturbation, in my experience as a andrologist and sexologist, I have met close to 9000 patients who have clearly stated they feel quite disgusted with masturbation.

Over 85 to 90 percent of patients do not feel good in anyway masturbating. Moreover, in some instances some of these patients go so far wreck their stable relationships because of this behavior.

To further elaborate when you masturbate, from a neurological perspective you are conditioning your brain to sexually explicit content and porn. You will never get the arousal you get from porn from penetrative intercourse with your partner.

So frequently or how many times masturbation can be done in day? At best 1 or 2 times per month, if you cant keep a check on your desires. I do not personally recommend masturbation as a primary sexual outlet behavior.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short blog post on masturbation. Watch this space for more interesting content


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