How To Increase Sperm Motility Fast ?

So, if you are on this page, you are probably looking quick tips on ‘how to increase sperm motility fast’. I mean, really fast. This is Dr. Shah consultant andrologist and sexologist. In this post, I am going to share with you some foods for healthy sperm motility, that you can take today!.

The truth is, the medical industry is flooded with medicines to increase sperm count and motility. However, the truth is most of these medicines for sperm motility do not actually work. Moreover, some medicines for sperm motility actually lowers the overall motile sperm percentage. Thus, if you are trying to improve sperm count or sperm motility, following the right treatment strategies is a must.

But before we discuss the tips, let’s try to understand a bit about normal sperm motility

What is normal sperm motility?

The normal sperm motility as estimated by the WHO from a large cohort of fertile fathers falls in the range of 31% to 36%. Now, remember this is a range, and moreover, this does not mean that fathers with values lesser than 31% cant have babies.

What this essentially means is that the time to pregnancy may take slightly longer. That’s about it!.

Thus, for all practical purposes, if the measured sperm motility is equal to or greater than 32%, then the sperm motility is considered to be normal.

Now, what actually causes low sperm motility?. We will answer that below

What causes low sperm motility?

Low sperm count and motility are vexing issues. Moreover, they technically impair or reduce the chances of pregnancies occurring naturally. Common causes of low sperm motility include. While, some are correctable causes of male infertility, some others are much harder to treat.

  1. Oxidative stress from reactive oxygen species
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Smoking and Alcohol abuse
  4. Medications like antibiotics and host of other prescription drugs
  5. Lifestyle factors and morbid obesity
  6. Testicular infection and testicular trauma
  7. Hormonal deficits and imbalances
  8. Genetic causes

Therefore, treatment strategies of course ultimately depend on the cause.

Now, let’s answer the crucial question on how to increase sperm motility fast?

Tip 1 – Get 8 hours of sound sleep

In a Danish study of 953 men, a significant association between sleep disturbances and semen quality was found. Men with less than 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep reported reduced sperm count and also reduced the production of morphologically normal sperm.

Hit the bed on time and definitely sleep for about 8 hours minimum to improve sperm motility fast. Avoid working late into the night.

Tip 2 – Reduce Alcohol or better STOP it altogether

In an interesting study done on over 67 men, ethanol was added to the semen. What these researchers found was that, on adding alcohol to semen, sperm tail defects started appearing and moreover, sperm shape abnormalities also occurred. Furthermore, sperm velocity significantly decreased. Want to know how to increase sperm motility fast? Quit alcohol. Simple.

Moreover, alcohol intake is also strongly associated with erectile dysfunction and a host of other sexual health problems.

Tip 3 – Stop Smoking. Its not worth it

I have been a practicing andrologist and sexologist for a very long time. I get patients who frequently tell me that they smoke just 1 cigarette a day. Moreover, they tell me that it’s very very less. Not just that, they all seem to have a bunch of smoker friends who had absolutely no problems with fathering a child.

The truth, is different. Smoking impairs sperm motility and sperm DNA integrity. It’s also bad for your heart and lungs. Didn’t you see it in the movies? A reminder below

how to increase sperm motility fast


A recent study has found that sub-fertile smoking men frequently have lower sperm count, sperm motility, morphology, and lastly poorer sperm DNA integrity. Quit smoking if you are trying for a child.

Tip 4: – Optimize your body weight

The thing is…

if you are trying for a child, you definitely need to lose those extra kilos. However, losing weight is not guaranteed to improve sperm motility, it is something you should definitely try. Since your overall health is a marker of the health of your sperm.

At our clinic, from our own experience, we have seen numerous patients who have had a significant improvement in sperm motility after losing just 10% of their body weight. Try to target a BMI within 25kg/meter squared. It’s worth it!. A recent study also suggest that weight loss improves sperm’s overall DNA integrity.

Tip 5:- Lower Stress with Exercise

Studies have clearly suggested that, with stress, the body’s cortisol secretion goes up. Consequently, testosterone production falls. Since testosterone is a key hormone important for healthy sperm production, keeping your stress levels low is highly critical for improving sperm motility

Tip 6:- Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

One of the best ways to quickly improve sperm count and motility is to reduce the overall carbohydrate intake from your diet. Take lots of proteins and fats. Since, increased intake of carbohydrates is associated with the generation of advanced glycemic end products (AGE). Consequently, AGE are potent oxidative entities and can destroy the sperms plasma membrane.

Thus, one of the most potent ways to increase sperm motility rapidly is to reduce overall carbohydrate intake. Aviod added sugar, milk and white rice were possible.

Tip 7:- Avoid all sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB’s)

A study done at the University of Rochester suggests on men found that in individuals were the overall intake of sweet beverages was more than >1.3 per day, sperm parameters were impaired. Reducing the intake of SSB can drastically improve sperm count and motility.

There is one more bonus tip and this is really important.

Read on below


Take folic acid!. at least 3 times a day. Folate is a proven molecule and improves sperm motility rapidly. Do remember to take it without fail!. Furthermore, folic acid combined with lifestyle modifications is one of the treatments for male infertility we utilize in our clinic.

Thus, if you looking to improve sperm motility fast give due diligence to all the aforementioned tips.

I hope you enjoyed reading this quick article on how to increase sperm motility fast. Do share this article with all your friends and loved ones!. Keep watching this space for more!

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