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Vanakkam, Namaste and Welcome to Dr. Shah’s Clinic for Male infertility and Sexual Health. My name is Dr Shah, and I primarily specialize in treating complex male infertility and sexual health problems.

I am a full time practicing male fertility doctor in Chennai. I also have specialized training in sexology. This allows me to help patients with a variety of problems encompassing both male fertility and sexual health.

Our clinic is located in T-Nagar, which is very just about 2 km away from Kodambakkam area. If you are looking for a sexologist in Kodambakkam, I would request you to consider visiting our medical center. Our male fertility hospital in Chennai specializes in treating a variety of complicated sexual health and male infertility problems like

  1. Erection disorders
  2. Premature Ejaculation
  3. Ejaculatory dysfunction
  4. Low sperm count problems
  5. Low sperm motility problems
  6. Abnormal sperm morphology
  7. Varicoceles
  8. Undescended testis
  9. Dhat syndrome
  10. Y-chromosome microdeletion problems and other complicated genetic causes of male factor infertility
  11. Psychosexual therapy for complicated sexual conflicts in couples
  12. STD Assessment and treatment

Our center also offers specialized treatment services for a range of female sexual health conditions like

  1. Hypoactive female desire disorders
  2. Painful intercourse
  3. Non-Consummation of marriage also called a sexless marriage
  4. Anorgasmia (also defined as the inability to achieve an orgasm)
  5. STD Management

A very important point to know is that problems with sexual health and fertility if left untreated can distort or disrupt relationships often severely. Problems in one partner can frequently compound or exacerbate problems in another. Over 45% of men and close to over 37% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction at least once in their lifetime.

We have helped close to over 3000 patients in Chennai who are suffering from a wide range of male fertility and sexual health issues.

As a full time, practicing sexology doctor in chennai, I will definitely help you hand in hand through your problem. If and when you are unable to come to the clinic in person, at Dr. Shahs Clinic, we have a range of facilities to help you telemedicine consultations like video calls and phone consultations.

If you are looking for a sexologist in Kodambakkam, just remember, you have come to the right place for treatment.

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Dr. Shah’s Clinic for Male Infertility & Sexual Health
No 21, Sree Kalki Apartments, Ground Floor, Bazullah Road, T-Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Ph – +91-9790783856


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