No sperm when i ejaculate? Whats wrong? No sperm comes out? – What to do? Quick solution

No sperm when i ejaculate?

No sperm when i ejaculate? It’s probably a shocking thing for you to see. Oh god!, my sperms are not coming out. I am done, I can never have a child anymore (you will get a range of thoughts when you find… semen on ejaculation). Oh No….

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Rightly so. You ought to be panicked. However, never worry too much, because in this short post I am going to give you a quick solution. On to the good stuff then. You can watch the video below as well


Lets analyze the issue together. The most common cause of no sperm coming out or no semen coming out during sex is fundamentally ‘erectile dysfunction‘. As a practicing andrologist and sexologist, I have seen in my practice that this is probably the most common reason for patients suffering from no sperm coming out (also called as an-ejaculation).

Please do understand that erectile dysfunction is treatable. One must assess the cause of erection problems and then give the relevant treatment.

Secondly, the next most common cause of ‘no sperm when i ejaculate’ is due to ‘Ejaculatory dysfunction’. Now, what causes ‘ejaculatory dysfunction?’. Well, its a condition called ‘Retrograde ejaculation’

In patients with retrograde ejaculation, semen goes backward into the urinary bladder, instead of coming out forward through the urethra.

Technically, the patient with retrograde ejaculation can satisfy his partner. That means, he is able to penetrate, sustain his erection, and achieve orgasm. But, the semen alone wont come out. It will go back into the urinary bladder thereby mixing with urine. This is depicted in the image below

retrograde ejaculation | no sperm when i ejaculate | no sperm is coming out | no more sperm is coming out anymore | no semen comes out when i ejaculate

This happens since, for such patients, the internal sphincter does not close. Imagine a non-functioning valve, that does not close properly. What do you think happens to the flow? (Think….)

Yup their will be leakages or back-flow. The same thing happens in patients with retrograde ejaculation. So, why does the valve or sphincter not close?

The first clinical condition to rule out in such patients is ‘diabetes mellitus’. Next, one must rule out intake of ‘antidepressant medications’. In an estimated 60% of patients who take these medications, their will be either erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory dysfunction.

Other causes include conditions like prostate injury, spinal cord injury, prostrate surgeries, large abdominal procedures can all ultimately result in no sperm coming out on ejaculation.

So what is the treatment?

Firstly, we do semen analysis test. We specifically do a ‘post orgasm’ urine sample examination. This is to see if sperms are mixing and coming out with urine. We also do a hormone analysis in parallel.

Next we stop the antidepressant medications and also treat diabetes if presently.

Consequently, we give the patient, sympathomimetic drugs (e.g midrodrine hydrochloride, imipramine and Chlorpheniramine maleate). These molecules are given for 3 to 6 month, and the treatment success rates is about 65 to 70 percent.

That is if 100 individuals present to the clinic with the condition ‘no sperm comes out when i ejaculate’ 65 of 100 will respond very well to the medications.

Eventually, these patients will be able to see their ‘sperms or semen coming out’.

Lastly, another important point to bear in mind is that, men with ‘retrograde ejaculation’ or erectile dysfunction definitely suffer from infertility. This is because semen does not get deposited in the vagina.

So, if and when should you suffer from this condition, remember to visit an andrologist near you

Get a proper evaluation and a right treatment.

I hope you found this blog post informative. Keep watching this space for more!

Cheers and I will see you soon with more interesting content.


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