Prone Masturbation – Why it’s the ONE thing you must avoid?

Prone masturbation-its ill effects and why you should abstain from it?

Vanakkam, Namaste and welcome to Dr Shahs Clinic, in this short post we are going to briefly discuss on prone masturbation and why you should avoid doing prone masturbation.

As a practicing andrologist in chennai, I see on an average at-least 1 person/day who is addicted to prone masturbation. Its saddening to see that this specific behavior being wide spread, since it wrecks havoc on both the mind and body.

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Now, an important point to bear here in your mind is how this process of prone masturbation develops and why do individuals basically rub their organ in the bed or rub their penis on the floor? and why do they get desire out of it?.

Why does it happen & how?, that’s what we’re going to see in this blog and why should you avoid doing it at all costs?, is something we’re going to address here as well.

So, prone masturbation actually develops when the man or boy or the guy is very young, like somewhere around 13 to 15 years of age when the individual enters puberty.

Basically, the individual has wet dreams or sexual dreams and is exposed to sexual materials in peer groups or other sexual content. Consequently, what happens is in the night is that when he is sleeping or when he is half drowsy or half sleepy, the individual basically rubs their organ on the pillow or on the bed sheet or on the mattress and usually they have/achieve their 1st ejaculation.

So, eventually with the ejaculation, there is a trigger of desire that happens in the brain and, neurologically, the brain registers it and it becomes a habit or a practice. A certain reward gets associated with the behavior. amplifying the habit.

Consequently, for a couple of few nights afterwards, the boy or individual continues it and then they start experimenting and exploring their own bodies.

They then go on the floor and rub their organ. Sometimes they will go lie down on the bathroom floor and rub their organ. And in some other times some individuals will even rub their organ against the sink. To better explain the the hard fiction of rubbing stimulates  what’s called the root of the penis.

prone masturbation
prone masturbation

The root of the penis is where the organ is attached to the body. The hard rubbing action eventually makes the root of the penis more sensitive compared to the body of the organ. This makes rubbing the root or penis base more desirable for the individual. Thus forming a vicious cycle and eventually a regular habit.

Prone masturbation is not something normal and should NOT be encouraged.

In conventional masturbation or conventional sexual intercourse, it is not the root of the penis that is stimulated. Instead, it is the tip and the mid third of the organ that is usually stimulated, so there is a big difference in the way the organ is stimulated and what happens with prone masturbation as compared to normal intercourse.

What’s going to happen here eventually is that the tip and the mid shaft of the organ are not going to be as sensitive as the root. To better understand

These regions become hypo-sensitive while the root becomes hypersensitive because of this.

What’s going to happen is during penetrative sex, when these individuals become adults. When they have sexual intercourse with their partners, they suffer from delayed ejaculation or an-ejaculation, which means the semen is not at all going to come out unless or until they lie down on the floor and RUB their organ or they use their hand to severely and forcibly bring out the semen.

Furthermore, because of this ejaculation issues, the relationship with their partner frequently breakdown because the individuals are addicted to prone masturbation behavior. They know there’s something wrong with them.

They have not adjusted over many years and they cannot tell this to their partners and their relationships are going to break up and their partners’ delayed ejaculation is going to result in erectile dysfunction.

In the long run, prone masturbation leads to three things.

1. Delayed ejaculation,  2. Erectile dysfunction and 3. The development of prone-masturbatory behavior can also lead to a form of addiction.

So, the individuals who engage in prone masturbation become addicted to it and they engage only in that kind of sexual behavior.

They avoid all forms of sexual intercourse with their partners.

Some individuals will engage in prone masturbation and they will try sexual intercourse, but they will not be able to satisfy their partners.

If they are able to satisfy their partners, they will not be able to satisfy themselves because they won’t get an ejaculation during penetrative sex because of the difference in the sensitivity between the root and the midshaft and the tip of the organ.

So should you do prone masturbation? In one word NO, you have to avoid being prone masturbation.

If you’re doing prone masturbation today, stop right now and you seek professional help to come out of this particular prone masturbation habit. Basically, behavioral therapy, psycho-sexual therapy with medications and counseling can help you come out of prone masturbation behavior.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short blog post. If you looking for a sexologist to help you, please feel free to reach out to me.


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  1. Hii dr. Shah, i hope you are fine and this comment will reach out to you. I am facing this prone masturbation issue since 3 to 4 years now. When i fall asleep during midnight prone masturbation is happening and as a result ejaculation is taking place. Please i request you to tell me how to abstain or avoid prone masturabtion & to which counsellor should i meet to tackle this. I am unable to stop prone masturbation, i am depressed. Please help me


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