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Sexology – What’s the big deal ?

Sexology is the branch of medicine that exclusively deals with male and female sexual health.

With aggressively changing lifestyles, sexual health problems are rampantly rising all around the globe…


The story does not end there…

Sexual problems are darn frustating because standardized treatment protocols are still being actively researched and each and every indivdual has his or her own definition of Human sexuality, sex and sex related fantasies.

What may be normal/right for one individual or a couple may not be normal/right for the other individual!

And thus this is were the issue of individualizing treatment strategies in sexual medicine becomes extremely important.


Sexology or sexual medicine is yet to be identified as a board certified or as a separate medical science/specialty.

Sexologist doctors are experts who specifically treat sexual health problems as listed below –

  1. Erectile dysfunction
  2. Premature ejaculation
  3. Low sex interest
  4. Pain during sex
  5. Vaginismus
  6. Sexual paraphilias
  7. Other sexual disorders not classified.

Most patients do not know who to visit when they have a sexual health problem, in these situations visiting a sexologist doctor or a male fertility specialist in Chennai is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

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