Why is my semen green? Learn everything about green semen

Why is my semen green? Why do I see greenish appearing semen? Is this something to be worried about?

As a practicing Sexologist in Chennai I have seen many patients suffer from this issue. Read the article below

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In this short blog post, we’re going to answer the question why semen is green? Or why do I have greenish-colored semen? Or what does the greenish color of semen signify?

Now what’s important to understand is that the normal color of the semen is usually whitish grey to grayish white and you know it has an egg-like consistency.

So, when you notice ‘green-colored’ semen, it can suggest that either you’re taking some medication or some supplements.

To further elaborate when these supplements or medications breakdown, sometimes the color of those metabolites can be reflected in the semen.That is one reason for greenish color semen.

The other reason for semen being green is that you may have a prostrate infection, so if you notice a green color in the semen and this is usually very rare, you may have a prostate infection that has not been diagnosed.

If you have greenish color of semen with a burning sensation while passing urine and there is probably a prostate infection and that’s why the semen is green in color. The next reason for green semen is explained below

For instance, you can probably notice a green color in the seminal fluid when bilirubin, which is basically a liver metabolite, mixes with the semen.

This can happen if you have liver damage from some underlying liver pathology.

To conclude, these are the three conditions where you know you may notice the semen color being green and it’s nothing to get alarmed about.

If you notice the green color of semen, don’t just stress out and panic, try to take it easy.

A simple solution would be to repeat the semen analysis or do a semen culture and sensitivity test  and check for infections. Following this administration of relevant antibiotics, can help you resolve the green color of semen. Repeat your semen test again . If you don’t notice the green color of semen coming back again, completely ignore it please.

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