The Withdrawal Method of Contraception

The Withdrawal Method of Contraception – quick facts

Vanakkam and welcome to Dr. Shah’s clinic. Have you ever heard of the withdrawal method of contraception? alias pull out technique?.

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In this short blog post, we are going to discuss the withdrawal method of contraception also called the withdrawal method of birth control.

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Now the withdrawal method of contraception is also called as a pull-out method.

So in the withdrawal method what usually men do is that just before the point of ejaculation or just before they hit their orgasm they pull out the organ from the vagina so that intra-vaginal ejaculation does not happen and thereby an unwanted pregnancy can be avoided.

Now what’s very interesting here is that withdrawal or the pull-out method of contraception is probably the oldest contraception method that has been used since time memorial.

It’s a biblical method it’s been around for so very long.

Now, it’s important to understand here that the withdrawal method of contraception gives a contraception protection rate of almost 95% and there is a 5% failure rate even in this method.

Now what this means is that the withdrawal method of contraception is as good as a condom, so basically if you are averse to using a condom that is if you wear a condom and you feel you lose your erection you are not able to connect with your partner, bond with your partner because you are wearing a bloody condom try the withdrawal method of contraception, it usually works.

It’s amazing as a method, because you have a good connection with your partner from a psychological perspective but the only problem here is that you are not going to get an intravaginal ejaculation.

It’s more of a male method of contraception what happens here is that your partner’s satisfaction is not going to be impacted.

So basically you have to last long enough so that you can give your partner the orgasm and then pull out and then you have to ejaculate outside the vagina.

Furthermore, you don’t want to give your partner an unwanted pregnancy and that’s why the withdrawal method or the pull-out method is so good.

Many men pride themselves in using the withdrawal method or pull-out method of contraception since to some extent it shows that the man has tremendous control over his ejaculation.

The next important point is the partner will also respect you because you care for her you don’t want her to have an unwanted or an unintended pregnancy.

So the withdrawal method or the pull-out method has a 95% protection rate which is  almost as good as a condom but a 4% to 5% failure rate because sometimes the pre-lubricating fluid can have a small number of sperms and there are about 6 to 7 studies on the topic.

Some studies say that the pre-lubricating fluid has no sperm at all.

All said and done the best way to optimize the success of the method to pass urine after sexual intercourse. This will help wash off any residual sperm present in the male reproductive tract.

If you masturbate in the previous day or you had sexual intercourse the previous day what you should do is you should urinate flush your urinary system off any residues and then have sexual intercourse and then adopt the withdrawal method during the particular session.

So this will lower diminish or completely remove the chances of unwanted pregnancy so even if a small amount of pre-lubricating fluid deposits in the vagina the chance of pregnancy is going to be very less.

I hope you found this video quite informative and useful on this withdrawal method of contraception also the pull-out method of contraception.

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