Does Masturbation cause Infertility?

Masturbation, masturbation and masturbation. Seems like everyone is hooked on it. This is Dr Shah, consultant andrologist in chennai, and in this short blog post lets answer the question if ‘does masturbation cause infertility?’

Many young men, engage in masturbatory behavior.

Not just that, these days, across the media and even the scientific community, the habit of masturbation is being now accepted as a normal part of adult sexual development.

Moreover, it is extremely saddening to see, many professionals in the filed encourage the practice of masturbation among young adults.

How on earth do you think it’s okay to masturbate 2 or 3 times per day?.

Sadly today, these are things that are encouraged

Furthermore, lets not forget the advent of pornography that basically made us men ‘ejaculate on computers or mobile screens’ Yuk, yuk, yuk

However, the biggest issue we tend to miss is that, once the man gets addicted to porn and nude women on screens, he is in ‘wonderland’. And wonderland is a fun place to be in. Thing about it? Sounds motivating, right?.

Secondly wonderland is a place no man wants to leave ever.

Thus the vicious cycle of porn addiction begins, he starts ignoring his stable married partner and engages with ‘sex on screen’. Hell yeah.

does masturbation cause infertility

Eventually, the man will not get desire or even any mood from his partner and will avoid intercourse.

Consequently, the avoidance of intercourse with his stable partner leads to infertility.

Thus, does masturbation cause infertility? Of course it does, but not in the manner most men think so.

From a neurological perspective, the visual erotica and visual inputs that porn gives to the man is something, his boring wife can never ever give. This is what maintains the cycle of addiction.

With masturbation, the biggest advantage is that, you have no one (I meant no partner) to judge you in anyway. You get an ‘awesome harem of women to fuck with all in myriad ways’ right on your screen.

Think for a moment, what tastes better? Is it dosa or idli? Or is it a full fat buffet breakfast with muffins, french fries combined with sausages. The answer is obvious, its the buffet. We tend to pick that which grabs our attention (anytime and all the time).

That is what masturbation ultimately does to men. It makes them dependent and addicted to a fantasy land.

Masturbation addiction is a genuine pesky problem that ultimately leads to infertility.

Another area where masturbation can cause infertility is by a special style of masturbation called ‘prone masturbation‘.

Men who engage in this practice are called “Prone Masturbators” (like terminators).

Dumb-ass jokes apart, this habit develops in individuals close to the time of puberty, where the child starts exploring his genitals (fiddling with them) and eventually rubbing them on the bed, pillows and achieving their orgasm with of course ejaculation.

Furthermore, the practice of rubbing the organ, in the toilet seat, sink and bathroom floor gives the ‘prone masturbator’ the necessary friction and pleasure to achieve an orgasm.

Consequently, men who eventually get addicted to the habit of prone masturbation, develop erectile dysfunction when they are trying sex with their partners. The net result? Infertility again!

To conclude, I hope you enjoyed this short blog post on ‘does masturbation cause infertility’.

Keep watching this space and stop watching PORN and avoid masturbation at all costs.

In the end, its not worth it (and definitely not worth losing your marriage over masturbation addiction). This is Dr Shah, consultant sexologist in chennai. Catch up with you soon


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