Does Penis Stretching Work? The Truth about ‘Jelqing’

So, you are going to love this post. Its about ‘the penis stretching exercises’. Does penis stretching work? How effective is ‘jelqing’. Can it make your organ BIG?.

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Now, the truth is a large number of men have serious problems with the size of their organ. An estimated 45% to 55% of men believe their organ is small (teenie weenieee) in terms of size.

Full thanks and salutations to the porn industry, since, men tend to compare their organ sizes with porn stars while watching them do it. Moreover, they a develop a strange complex called as the ‘small penis syndrome’.

does penis stretching work | does jelqing increase penis size
does penis stretching work | does jelqing increase penis size

Furthermore, these men compare the size of their organ with other men, while sharing common spaces in showers and toilets. I mean it really get to the head of these guys.

does penis stretching work | does jelqing increase penis size
does penis stretching work | does jelqing increase penis size

They lose hope, they get depressed and feel their lives are over, fundamentally based on their penis size.

They develop whats called as small penis syndrome. Moreover, men with this condition strongly believe and feel that they cannot satisfy their partners in bed. They believe and eventually end up with erectile dysfunction.

Consequently, they avoid intimate relationships, and resort to masturbation where the element of judgement from another partner is fundamentally absent.

But the TRUTH of the matter is, their organ sizes are actually NORMAL

Now, lets discuss a bit about penis size….since this is were most men have a problem.

The mean average penis size ranges from about 5 to 5.5 inches when erect. But most men do not know to measure their organ.

They end up comparing their size with what they see in the pro, leading to distress, anxiety, depression and a whole host of other issues.

So, say you truly have a small size, does penis stretching work? Or does penis lengthening work?

We hear all this humbug on these penis lengthening exercise, penis massage blah blah. However, these exercises will not increase the size of your equipment. Sorry to disappoint you.

Penis stretching or Jelqing involves rubbing the organ back and forth using lubricants.

This pseudoscience claims that repeated penis massage and stretches ends up causing micro tears in the deep tissue of the penis.

Moreover, after the minor injuries heal, the scar tissue formed will make the organ feel and appear thicker.

But, most people forget to notice that, the penile tissues are not just made of muscles. The penile tissue is made full of ‘neurovasculature’ that is, the organ is filled with blood vessels and nerves.

Furthermore, it has 3 erectile tissues inside, the corpora cavernosa and the corpora spongiosum, so, stretching this organ will cause permanent long term damage.

Not just, that, their are case reports and studies that suggest that, in men who engage in jelqing or penis stretching organ damage occurs.

I have personally seen patients who engage in jelqing & eventually ending up with erectile dysfunction.

The last thing you want to do to yourself is self-harm by doing these things. Remember, their are about a 100 factors based on which a women will judge you. And organ size is NOT IMPORTANT.

So, please do not worry about your penis size. Visit an andrologist or sexologist near you to get a correct estimate of your organ.

This is because a self-estiamtion of your size, by looking at your organ from top-down will make your organ look much smaller than it actually is.

In all probability, your organ size is most probably normal.

As a bonus point please never use ‘penile extenders’ for stretching your organ. It will cause permanent erection problems, by either incorrect usage or by penis stretching.

Penis size can be increased by other methods, like utilizing whats called as a ‘Jess extender’ OR similar devices.

But, stretching techniques or stretching devices or other surgical interventions do not work.

So, remember 3 things

1. Estimate your size correctly

2. Penis stretching is not required

3. Visit an andrologist for the right treatment with respect to stretching

I hope you liked this short post on ‘does penis stretching work’. Pleas drop in your comments below






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