Semen analysis : The Hard Truth

Semen Analysis: What you should know?

Semen analysis also called sperm test in layman terms remains the gold standard test of Choice to assess a male’s fertility potential.

semen analysis | sperm test


This is Dr. Shah, and I am Consultant Andrologist and Sexologist doctor in Chennai and in this article, I am going to share with you some very interesting facts about the semen test.

Here is the interesting bit…

Now, when you look back into the past 20 or 30 odd years, it is very interesting to note a few things…

Such as…

  1. Over 3.5 million babies are born every year through fertility therapies
  2. IVF procedures world over are increasing month on month and there seems to be no let off.
  3. Over 60% of the time, male infertility is the biggest cause of childlessness in a couple.
  4. What’s even sadder is that men are seldom blamed for fertility issues in conservative societies (eg:  India)
  5. Over 20 to 30% of the time semen analysis tests would reveal true causes of male fertility like Azoospermia.


This is exactly why we urge all men who come to our clinic to get a semen analysis done!. 


Now, as per the WHO 2010 reference laboratory values…

A man is said to have a normal sperm test if he has

  1. A sperm concentration greater than 15 million/ml
  2. Sperm motility greater than 40%
  3. And last but not least, his normal sperm shape should be around 3%


However, there is a catch!…

semen analysis

Just having your semen report within those values mentioned above DOES NOT GUARANTEE A  PREGNANCY!.

Nature ultimately decides when pregnancy should happen, our job is to optimize the chances of a couple to achieve a pregnancy. Thus, it becomes very important for a thorough evaluation of both partners in a fertility clinic.

Hope you enjoyed the Video and the short Article, Do share it with your friends and loved ones. And feel free to drop me questions through the contact form given below! If you looking for a sperm test in chennai get in touch with us below

This is Dr. Shah, and I look forward to seeing you soon with more information to help you through your fertility journey.




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Dr. Shah is Consultant Andrologist and Sexologist in Chennai. His passion for helping men facing infertility issues stems from the fact that “Men never ever get the care they deserve as far as fertility treatments are concerned”

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