Lump in my balls? Quick Pointer’s on lump in testicles

Have you ever wondered with the question ‘lump in my balls’? Could it be some freaking cancer. Am i done for? What should I do about these lumps in testicles?

In short blog post we will go through some very concise facts on ‘testicular lumps’. You can watch the whiteboard video below (if you feel lazy to read)

On to the good stuff then!.

So when you notice a ‘lump in the testicle’ what matters most is the position of the lump. Position, position and position. It matters that much.

The fist question to ask is

‘Where is the lump in my balls located?’

Is it on the skin? Is it deep inside my balls (in the tissue that is). Exactly where?

The next question to ask is….

‘How many lumps in my balls are their?’

Is their a single lump? Are their multiple lumps? Is it on 1 testicle or is it on both testicles?

So a preliminary diagnosis can definitely be done, by answering these questions. If you notice lumps in the skin as depicted in the image below, please remember that these lumps are nothing but ‘Sebaceous cysts’. Check out the image below

Lump in my balls (sebaceous cysts of testis)
Lump in my balls (sebaceous cysts of testis)

The good news is that, these sebaceous cysts do not require any ‘medical intervention’. You heard that right. You dont have to worry about it at all!

However, should these cysts become big, they may give your private parts an ungainly appearance and just may be your partner may notice it. In these instances, a surgical excision (removal of the cyst) can be done.

The second most common type of lump, men have is called

‘The worm lump’ or more specifically, these lumps have a ‘bag of worms’ like feel. These lumps are called ‘Varicoceles’. Check the image below.

Varicocele lump in balls
Varicocele lump in balls

Here again, the varicocele is nothing but a dilatation of the blood vessels specifically the veins (that run over the spermatic cord).

These varicoceles do not require any treatment. However, a large number of andrologists argue on this topic, and routinely suggest varicocele surgery for patients in order to improve sperm count, sperm motility and sperm shape.

But, in case the varicocele is associated with pain, a treatment will definitely be required.

Coming to the next type of testicular lump…

Its called the Epidydimis. The Epidydimis, serves as for sperm storage. Its a small structure present above the testis. The interesting thing here is that, lumps in the epidydimis can be either

1. A spermatocele
2. A block (due to sexually transmitted infections) or
3. Due to an Epydidimal infection

The image below depicts a lump in the Epydidimis.

Epidydimal lump | lump in balls
Epidydimal lump | lump in balls

All big size epydidimal lumps with pain definitely need an ultrasound imaging. A semen analysis test is recommended in case the lump is present on both sides.

However, small lumps such as epidydimal cysts less than <1 cm do not need any treatment (more so, if they are located on just 1 side)

Lastly, lets talk on cancer lumps in testis

the final type of testicular lump is caused by testicular cancer. Only an estimated 1% of patients with male infertility suffer from carcinoma.

The lumps of cancer are usually located much deeper in the testis. Check out the image below

cancer testicular lumps | lumps in ball
cancer testicular lumps | lumps in ball

The most common type of these cancers in the testis are called ‘seminoma’s’ (not samosa’s:-)). That was a cheesy joke. I know

As one would expect, the testicular lumps definitely need intervention (no running away)

When a patient presents to the clinic, with a testicular lump inside the sac, we recommend a scan.

Moreover, if its a testicular tumor (usually a seminoma) either the testis should be removed or chemotherapy is initiated.

Consequently, the good news is testis cancers have excellent 5 year survival rates. The US preventive task force in fact does not even recommend routine screening for such cancers.

All said and done, keep your mind cool and get the right treatment. You will do well. No worries. Period.

Lastly, to conclude. If you do have a lump. Remember to definitely visit an andrologist near you for a proper evaluation.

Hope you found the info useful

Keep watching this space for more. Cheers!





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