Male Fertility Tips To Get Pregnant Fast – 5 Quick Actionable strategies to implement

Hey guys! you are going to find this post both fun to read & easy as a pie to follow. Let get to the crux of the topic without wasting time. So, we are going to quickly discuss on male fertility tips to get pregnant fast (I mean super fast from a biological perspective). Watch the short below. It wont take a more than a minute of your time.

Okay, you must be a newly wed or you are in a long term relationship with your girlfriend or whatever. You are ready to take that next big step to have a baby? [most people do not understand that they are screwing themselves over when they decide on having a child :-)].

However, since you are dead serious on this goal, you must be married for a year or two. Since social pressure from your relatives (specifically the damn in-laws) builds up rampantly. During this time, sexual intercourse which was once heavenly becomes a chore.

male fertility tips to get pregnant fast
male fertility tips to get pregnant fast

In principal, sex happens just to have a child. You start tracking your partners ovulation days, her fertile window and plan intercourse. But still a pregnancy simply just does not seem to happen. Am I right? (I know I am).

Both you and your partner are damn frustrated. It gets frustrating, trust me!.

male fertility tips to get pregnant fast

So, then what are the male fertility tips to get pregnant fast?

The answer lies below in 5 quick actionable strategies to get your partner pregnant. FAST

Male fertility tips to get pregnant fast – 5 actionable strategies you should implement right now

Tip 1 : Having frequent sex

Regular sex can help. But do not at any cost make it mechanical. If sexual intercourse happens with all the planning around your partners fertile window, you are not going to get her pregnant. How much sex to get pregnant then? Remember its roughly 3 times per week.

Studies suggest that when sexual intercourse happens at the rate of 3 times per week, their is roughly a 60 to 70 percent chances of getting your partner pregnant in the next 8 months. Yup that is roughly 8 months. When the frequency of intercourse falls to less than 3 per week, consequently the chances of pregnancy also drop.

male fertility tips to get pregnant fast
male fertility tips to get pregnant fast

On average, the chance of getting your partner pregnant is roughly varies from 4% to 6% per month, when you have sex 3 times per week. So have fun, while you are at it. Making babies, no big deal as such.

Tip 2 : Take the famed ABC Juice

ABC juice (Expanded as Apple, carrot and beetroot juice) is an excellent natural anti-oxidant. Remember to take lots of it. Take the ABC juice everyday. Regular intake of ABC juice helps improve sperm motility fast,  increase sperm concentration and also boosts overall male fertility.

One of the best home remedies to improve male fertility is taking a combination of ABC juice, lemon juice and orange juice. I would recommend taking each of these juices on an alternative day to boost male fertility. This is probably on of the best male fertility tips to get pregnant fast.

Tip 3: Improve your erection

Now, you are going to find this tip interesting. The tip is a double treat, both for you and your partner. Remember having a good erection, is paramount to satisfactory sexual intercourse. You cant argue with that right?

However, the better and harder your penis. The larger the amount of semen deposited in the vagina. Now to put in simple words. More semen = more sperm (i.e the total number of sperm deposited per ejaculate is higher).

So you definitely need to treat erectile dysfunction if you have it and also improve your existing hardness of your organ. Trust me, its worth it. 🙂

A simple way to improve erection is by going for a walk and hitting 10,000 steps per day. Try to use a pedometer and keep track of your steps. Or hit a daily target of 6 km/day while walking.

Tip 4: Restful sleep and avoid night-shift jobs

Its not worth working nights. Simple as that. We are not biologically designed to function with full potential in the nights. Quit your night shift work.

In my experience as an andrologist and sexologist, I have seen a large number of patients suffer from numerous fertility & sex related problems due to night work only. Patients working in nights frequently suffer from low sperm concentration, low sperm motility and also decreased erectile dysfunction.

They also have low sex interest and feel fatigued all the time. So please quit working at nights and ensure you get 6 to 8 hours of restful sleep. Trust me, it will make all the difference.

Tip 5: Quit Smoking & Alcohol

Lastly, definitely quit smoking and alcohol. Its just not going to help you, since it kills your sperm and it also kills your erectile functions.

To conclude, in order to improve your overall male fertility, following simple lifestyle changes is all that is required.

Take it easy and relax.

Do not worry. Keep trying and you will achieve your goals of fatherhood.

I will see you soon with another blog post



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