Delay Sprays for Premature Ejaculation – When to Use? & When NOT TO?

Understanding Delay Sprays for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Delay sprays are a common treatment for premature ejaculation (PME). Typically, men with PME ejaculate within a minute, which can occur before penetration or even during foreplay.

The Impact of Premature Ejaculation on Relationships

In cases of premature ejaculation, partners often feel extremely dissatisfied with sexual intercourse, failing to achieve orgasm. This dissatisfaction can lead to misunderstandings and, in severe cases, to separation or divorce.

Prevalence and Necessity of Treatment

PME affects nearly 40% of the male population, making it a widespread issue that requires attention and treatment.

Limitations of Delay Sprays for premature ejaculation treatment

Firstly, delay sprays don’t address the underlying cause of premature ejaculation.

For instance, if a man’s premature ejaculation stems from sensitivity at the tip of the penis, the spray, containing anesthetic agents like lidocaine and prilocaine, only reduces this sensitivity temporarily.

delay spray for premature ejaculation treatment
delay spray for premature ejaculation treatment

You must apply it 45 minutes before intercourse, and it only delays ejaculation for that session. As a result, you might find yourself using these sprays for years without resolving the fundamental issue.

Long-term Use and Its Drawbacks

Furthermore, long-term use of delay sprays doesn’t correct the cerebrally mediated latency time for ejaculation. Additionally, these sprays can affect erectile function, as reduced sensitivity in the penis can lead to decreased erection quality.

Potential Transfer to Partners

Another concern is the potential transfer of the anesthetic agent to the female partner, leading to vaginal numbness. This numbness can interfere with her arousal and sexual satisfaction.

Appropriate Usage of Delay Sprays for premature ejaculation treatment

Delay sprays might be suitable as a short-term solution, for instance, in casual sexual encounters where a temporary delay is desired. However, they don’t offer a long-term solution. Casual intercourse has

Advocating for Medical Therapy

The best approach is to pursue medical therapy for premature ejaculation. There are several medications available with minimal or no side effects that offer better long-term success. Eventually, you might be able to discontinue these medications.

Conclusion: Seeking Long-term Solutions

In conclusion, while delay sprays can be useful in certain scenarios, they don’t offer a permanent solution. For lasting results, it’s advisable to explore medical treatments for premature ejaculation. Thank you for watching the video. Please like, comment, and subscribe. This is Dr. Shah sexologist doctor in chennai, signing off for now.


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