Penis Size to get Pregnant? Does the size of the penis matter?

In this video and post we are going to discuss on the penis size to get pregnant. So what’s very important to understand here is that many men associate the size of their organ with their masculinity as well as a sense of power.

Penis size to get pregnant. How important is your penis size?

So, men with larger penis size are more comfortable overall with their self perceived body image. Moreover, they are more confident and in general their sexual satisfaction for these men as perceived by men themselves is usually higher.

penis size to get pregnant
penis size to get pregnant

Over 55% of men find their penis size and overall size of their organ to be very very small and satisfaction from a sexual health view point is also low.

penis size for pregnancy
penis size for pregnancy

Furthermore some of these men become so paranoid and traumatized that they completely even avoid sexual intercourse with their intimate partners (wives or girlfriends).

In still worser scenaros, these men get so depressed that eventually clinical depression along with  erectile  dysfunction develops!

This has resulted in a large number of men actually seeking penis size enhancing surgeries which in recent times has come under criticism from the American Urological Association stating that the penis size increase in surgeries are largely risky by nature itself.

So what is the mean average penis size?


Initial studies from the Kinsey Institute of Sexual Health estimated penis size. These studies, conducted around 1984, involved 2,000 to 3,000 men who self-reported their measurements.

On average, they reported an erect penis length of approximately 16.77 cm

But in more recent times with more data that’s more widely available we now know that the mean average penis size is anywhere from about 5 inches to 5.5 inches.

penis size for pregnancy
penis size for pregnancy

Now if you have a penis size that is anywhere more than 4 inches or anywhere more than 3.5 inches in terms of erect length then that is more than adequate for pregnancy.

There are two particular clinical conditions where the penis size may be insufficient with
respect to pregnancy. The first is

Buried Penis

In some cases, the penis is buried, resulting in a size of less than 3 cm or 4 cm. This occurs in men who are morbidly obese, those with Klinefelter’s syndrome, and patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

So here getting pregnant is going to be hard for these men. I mean helping their partner achieve pregnancy is going to be hard. We also encounter an issue with penis size in a condition known as micropenis, which involves an exceptionally small penis

To elaborate in these men they are born with a small organ, often less than 3 cm or 2.5 cm in length, due to a developmental issue. To understand this better, we perform a detailed physical examination to rule out genetic conditions

Furthermore in both small penis and buried penis and/or micropenis are all issues where achieving a pregnancy can be a challenge.

For a large number of men however, 55-60% of men whose penis size is usually normal, they themselves perceive that their size is problematic.

This is called as small penis syndrome. Here the penis is NOT truly small.

penis size for pregnancy
penis size for pregnancy

So in these instances, visiting an andrologist near you or a sexologist near you, getting a proper estimate of your penis size may be very very helpful in alleviating those doubts.

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