When you ejaculate how much sperm comes out?

In this video and post, the question we are going to answer is, when you ejaculate, how many sperms are actually released? More specifically when you ejaculate how much sperm come out?

Now many people have a common doubt that when ejaculation happens, are the sperms being properly deposited in the vagina? Understanding the intricacies of this process is crucial, especially for those curious about sperm deposit and conception probabilities.

So, let’s delve into the science behind ejaculation and its implications for fertility.

How many sperms are going to be deposited in the vagina?

To understand this, you must understand the physiology of ejaculation. So when ejaculation happens, the important point to know here is that the first few drops of semen contains the sperm rich fraction.

That means the first one or two drops of the semen contain most of the spermatozoa, representing a significant proportion.

So that means ejaculation should happen in the vagina strictly and you cannot partially ejaculate outside and then have a partial ejaculation inside.

Furthermore, following penetration of your partner or loved one, it’s essential to ensure that you withdraw the organ only after complete ejaculation has occurred


Because during the process of ejaculation, when you have an orgasm, the first one or two drops of the semen contains the sperm rich fraction, SRF.  Termed SRF, the sperm-rich fraction essentially indicates that those drops contain the highest number of spermatozoa.

And it’s very interesting because when patients collect a sample in a sperm testing laboratory, normally when we see a report, if we notice low semen volume, if we notice a low count,we ask the patient, did the patient spill the first 2-3 drops of the semen on the floor at the time of collecting the sample?

when you ejaculate how much sperm comes out
when you ejaculate how much sperm comes out

As a result, if the answer to the question is yes, we conclude that the report indicates a low semen volume. Given that a significant portion of motile sperm is lost in the spilled drops of semen, the low sperm count report could be inaccurate..

Thus, what’s important to understand here is that the first couple of drops of the semen contains the highest fraction of motile spermatozoa.

Some patients also have the question that after I withdraw the organ, I see the
semen back flowing. So, when you ejaculate how much sperm comes out?

That’s completely fine.  Remember when you ejaculate intra-vaginally, as early as 2-3 minutes after ejaculation, the spermatozoa are going to rapidly swim up and reach the Fallopian tube.

What happens after about 10 minutes of ejaculation is that basically the semen is going to liquefy. The liquefaction time is where the coagulated thick semen becomes watery and it becomes thin and watery.

So because it becomes liquefied, that is because it loses its viscosity or it becomes liquefied by nature, what’s going to happen?

It will flow back down the vaginal canal, and this back flow of semen is termed “effluem-seminis.” That is a physiological process, 99-100% of couples will note that after ejaculation, in 5-7 minutes, semen back flows.

The Crucial Initial Phase (Where semen = Gold). When you ejaculate how much sperm comes out?

However, the pivotal factor remains the initial phase of ejaculation—specifically, during orgasm. Proper deposition of the first portion of ejaculate into the vagina significantly heightens the chances of pregnancy.

when you ejaculate how much sperm comes out
when you ejaculate how much sperm comes out

The rapid expulsion of the initial 2-3 drops during a man’s orgasm holds particular importance.  The depositing these drops in the vagina significantly increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

This is more so if the woman is close to her ovulation period or the ovulation window.

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Here is  one more bonus point here for you is that when you ejaculate, how many sperms actually comes out?

That’s not the right question because in fundamental you need to know what is your sperm concentration per ml. The normal sperm concentration per ml can range anywhere from 13 million per ml to 16 million per ml.

I hope this answers the question with some clarity.

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