Does Masturbation Reduce Testosterone?

So, does masturbation actually reduce testosterone?

Now in this blog post, we’re going to answer this question, does masturbation reduce your testosterone? You can also watch the video below

This is a very important topic. So stay sharp and focused on the what i am going to reveal.

I know most of you have this doubt. You want to know the actual answer to this question with scientific validation.

Now remember, when you look at visual erotica,that is you look at appealing women on a screen, you look at models on the screen, you look
at anything that’s even remotely sexual on the screen, what’s going to happen first is in your bloodstream is that testosterone is going to go up.

It’s going to spike.

does masturbation reduce testosterone
does masturbation reduce testosterone

So studies have found that if you take a group of men and show them visual erotica, that is you show them sex videos or you show them single women who are engaging in self-stimulatory sexual behavior, single women masturbating basically or you look at couples having sex
on the screen and before even you actually start masturbating, testosterone and your sex steroids basically go up by about 36%.

What happens to you during masturbation?

So what basically happens here is when we look at sexual material on the screen, you’re going to feel a sense of desire, you’re going to feel aroused, physiologically aroused and you will want to engage in sexual out put behavior. To elaborate, either you will masturbate or you will go and try having sex with your partner.

Some of you may engage in casual sex due to your native motivation from your desire or have sex with your stable partner. You are going to vent out or purge your system of your desire

You’re going to do it, as simple as that, right? Or you’re going to be the kind of guy who believes in a no fap technique, you’re not going to do it.

does masturbation reduce testosterone
does masturbation reduce testosterone

So whatever your sexual outlet behavior may be, depending on you as an individual, that’s going to happen.

Now how does masturbation reduce testosterone?

Now the answer is quite simple because what studies have found is that just before masturbation, testosterone rises (especially while looking at porn on the screen) and during the actual masturbatory behavior, again testosterone rises moreover post masturbation also testosterone rises.

Does masturbation reduce testosterone?

No, it doesn’t directly reduce testosterone.

The most important point to understand here is that after masturbation once semen is thrown out, not only testosterone rises, insulin, cortisol, adrenaline, which are basically stress hormones rises,

Specifically adrenaline rises and so does cortisol, which are both stress hormones.

Furthermore, serotonin and prolactin, which are sedating by nature, which will help you feel a sense of satisfaction also rises in the brain.

And that’s why after masturbation, many men notice that they feel a bit tired, they feel a bit low, they are satisfied and they do not want to engage into another bout of sexual intercourse, be it solo or with a partner.

does masturbation reduce testosterone
does masturbation reduce testosterone

So men go into what’s called as a refractory period.

So what happens here is that when you do excessive masturbation?

Weh you masturbate daily and if masturbation is uncontrolled, you’re always going to be in the refractory period.

Why? Because in your brain, serotonin and prolactin is going to be high and even though testosterone increases even after masturbation, after ejaculation, your insulin, cortisol and other stress hormones go up, so you’re going to feel stressed, you’re going to feel tired, you’re not going to feel fresh and energetic or you’re not going to technically feel that good.

And what’s very interesting here is that many men have what’s called as semen loss anxiety syndrome, also called as DHAT syndrome.

Especially, this is a culture bound condition where excessive masturbation, especially seen in Indian men, feel that once
the semen is lost from their body, they feel very tired, they feel weak, they feel depressed, they feel a shrinkage in the organ size, they have erectile dysfunction with their stable partners.

So all this is there. So should masturbation be technically encouraged? No.

Even though it increases your testosterone and doesn’t reduce your testosterone, don’t do it. Why? Logically again, let me reinforce what I’m telling. It increases cortisol, it increases adrenaline, it increases the stress hormone levels in your blood and there arestudies for this.

And I hope you enjoyed this video. So I hope you got something of valueto take back. So just avoid masturbation. Stop looking at pornographic content.

Avoid the habit of masturbation. It’s just not going to work. Hope you liked the video. Put in your comments below. Ask all your questions down below in the comments. I’ll try my best to answer each and every comment.

I’ll see you soon with another video. This is Dr. Shah, andrologist & sexologist in chennai signing off for now.


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