Early morning sex? When is the best time for sex? Morning or evening? – 3 tips to follow

Ever wondered when is the best time to ‘have fun in the bed’? More specifically, when is the best time for sex? Is early morning sex better? Or is later in the night. In this short post, I am going to share with you everything under the sun about early morning sex and few tips.

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On to the good stuff then….


Why should you have early morning sex?

Well technically speaking, it strictly depends on both your interests. Some couples prefer having sex in the morning while some prefer it in the evening. And interestingly, among older couples, afternoon sex is not uncommon!.early morning sex | sex in the morning

However, specifically when speaking about early morning sex, their are definitely some advantages.

Firstly, your anxiety systems are shut down. This is definitely possible with a good sleep wake cycle. If you manage to get 6 to 8 hours of peace restful and dream full sleep, you are going to get up very very fresh in the morning (and ready for sex)

When you feel less anxious, overall erectile function improves and sex happens just the way you want with your partner.More specifically, you have better erectile, you last longer and you perceive your orgasm much better.

early morning sex | sex in the morning

So, early in the morning, your limbic system (the part of the brain we share with lizards and a lot other animals) is highly active, while our cortex (which represents your thinking brain) is less active (technically it fires less).

Most importantly, you are probably not going to be flooded with a stream of thoughts in the morning.

But, what about sex in the evening?

early morning sex | sex in the morning

Well, with sexual intercourse in the evening, you are probably damn tired post a full day of work. Furthermore, for most people later in the evening, the brain is flustered with a lot of thoughts.

Not just that, if you partner works as well, she will have the same issues. Her mind most probably will be an equal clutter of thoughts.

Thus, evening sexual intercourse after a long day of work may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Secondly, with morning intercourse, you should take the advantage of the early morning surge of testosterone. Interestingly, this morning surge of testosterone happens somewhere between 9: 00 to 11: 00 am.

So, early morning sex is the best…

since the morning surge of the male sex hormones helps increase your overall desire. Couple with a mind that is free, and you can definitely have your fill (of sex)


an important point to bear in mind w.r.t to morning sexual intercourse is…

Never to eat a heavy meal in the night.

Specifically, remember to avoid eating anything heavy in the night, if you are planning for intercourse early in the morning. The reason is simple, when you stuff yourself with bucket load of food your body is going to be flooded with insulin & cortisol.

Since both insulin & cortisol are both stress hormones, their is nothing much you can do. You will end up feeling tired, depressed and will suffer from low sex interest combined with erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, repeated failures in the bed, with eventually lead to avoidance of sex and ultimately result in a ‘sexless marriage

Lastly, most men understand and know, that their early morning erections reflects their overall health. Since the morning erection tells us that overall organ flow is intact.

So, having an early morning erection with your partner beside you actually helps increase the chances of having sex frequently quite effectively.

So summarize,

  1. Eat your last meal before 7
  2. Ensure you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep
  3. Last BONUS tip watch something erotic before you go to bed

Basically, when you watch something erotic before going to bed, your desire systems are aligned with your intent. Thus the chances of you having sex with automatically increase in the morning.

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